Practice Management, Compliance and Courses

    The Solution for the Automation of Practice and Compliance Management of its Clients.

    The Solution is based on the use of Zoho Applications already customized by us and integrated with each other. 

    Ready-made, but further customizable over time according to one's needs.

    Learn about the Components and Functions.

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    Customers, Contacts, Locations


    Formal Roles

    Reminder Deadlines


    Compliance & GDPR

    Solution based on customization of Zoho Applications

    The Solution was developed through customization of Zoho CRM, carried out in such a way as to make these applications suitable for the most common needs of Italian companies.

    The Solution is further customizable by the Customer, after training (1 hour included in the price of the FAST version)

    With the EVOLUTION version-which includes a Custom Pack of Customizations-further customizations will be implemented by us, based on the Client's Requirements. 

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    Application Components of the Solution:

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho WorkDrive

    Zoho Cliq

    Solution Available in 2 Versions:


    Ready-made, but further customizable by the Client.

    1 Hour of Training on customizations included in the Price.


    With already included a package of further customizations (on Customer Requirements):

    Custom Pack 

    Functional Components of the Solution Practices, Fulfillments and Courses

    Customers, Contacts, Locations

    What is included in the Customer, Contact and Locations Module of the Solution we have already customized:

    Customer Master Data

    Master Contacts

    Customer Operating Locations Master Data

    Correlations among Clients, Locations, and Contacts

    Correlations with: Formal Roles, Fulfillments, Courses, Deadlines.

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    Formal Roles

    What is included in the Formal Roles Module of the Solution we have already customized:

    Mapping Roles Subject to Formal Obligations (Fulfillments and Courses).

    Correlation with Fulfillments and Courses

    Correlation with Contact, Company, Location Master Data

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    What is included in the Fulfillment Module of the Solution we have already customized:

    Mapping Personal, Corporate, Location Fulfillments.

    Definition Recurrence and Periodicity

    Definition of Processing Times and Practice Start-up Anticipation

    Calendaring Practice Startup by Periodicity and Processing Time

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    What is included in the Course Module of the Solution we have already customized:

    Mapping Standardized Training Courses

    Association to Formal Roles and Contacts, Locations, and Companies

    Definition Periodicity

    Scheduling Sessions Associated with Contact

    Update Frequency

    Filing of Certificate of Participation

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    Reminder Deadlines

    What is included in the Deadline Reminder Component of the Solution we have already customized:

    Automatic Generation of Internal Activity Startup Reminders

    Automatic Generation of Customer Activity Startup Reminder

    Association of Tasks Associated with Deadlines

    Notifications on Practice Advancement / Conclusion.

    Entering Tasks into the Agenda

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    Compliance & GDPR

    The Solution complies with GDPR and Security Regulatory Compliance by:

    Registration Consent Privacy Policy

    Opt Out Management

    Time management parametric updating of consent data

    Mapping and Encryption Personal Data

    Access Tracking

    Login with 2FA

    Audit Log

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