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    Customer Experience


    IT Services and Process Management

    Employee Management


    Customer Service Automation

    It simplifies the user experience of your Services and improves the Productivity of your Operators, facilitating their work.

    It improves work and makes it more enjoyable and productive.

    Take complete control of the Sales Funnel and integrate it with the Engagement Platform. Make it easy to maximise the return on leads received and opportunities managed.

    Marketing and Sales Automation

    Increase Conversions with a multi-channel Customer Engagement Platform: Whatsapp, e-mail, chat and SMS in one channel for a unique, effective and efficient user experience.

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    Business Process Automation

    A multi-channel Customer Service to centralise and control all conversations with customers and measure the performance of your Customer Care. 

    Simplify the management of the entire Human Resources lifecycle within your organisation: Recruitment, Onboarding, Records, Attendance. All in one Solution.

    Our Services on Freshworks Applications

    Licence Activation
    Evolutionary Maintenance
    Application Development
    Application Integration
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    Services for Supporting Already Installed Freshworks Applications

    Technical Assistance

    Support service on Freshworks solutions for bug fixing, optimisation, application support.

    Evolutionary Maintenance

    Development and functional improvement of Freshworks applications already installed at the customer's premises.

    Hard Code Programming

    Development of Advanced Functions in Hard Code.

    Application Integration

    Integration between Freshworks applications and with external applications.

    How it works:

    1. Make a Free Appointment

    Explain your needs.

    We can both realise new Projects and help you optimise existing Freshworks Projects.

    2. Get Advice and/or a Technical-Economic Feasibility

    If advice is enough we will be happy. If not, we can provide you with a technical-economic feasibility.

    3. Get Advanced Support on your Freshworks Apps

    Our developers will realise your Project or Interventions you need with advanced customisation of Freshworks Applications.

    4. Get Customised Solutions for your Automation

    You can choose between Hourly, Package or Project Consulting. 

    The solution best suited to your needs.

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    New to Freshworks? Choose the Services that suit you best

    Choice of Applications

    Guided selection of Freshworks applications best suited to your needs.

    Licence Activation

    Buy your Freshworks licences with us and get a discount on the first year compared to the official price.

    Initial Configuration

    Freshworks Initial Application Configuration Support Service.


    Training on the use and configuration of your new Freshworks applications.

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