Lead & Funnel Digital

    The Solution for Digital Lead Management and related Funnel, based on the use of Zoho Applications already customized by us and integrated with each other. 

    Ready-made, but further customizable over time according to one's needs.

    Learn about the Components and Functions.

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    Campaign Manager

    Live Chat

    Leads & CRM

    Integrated Forms


    Compliance & GDPR

    Solution based on customization of Zoho Applications

    The Solution was developed through the customization of Zoho Applications, carried out in such a way as to make these applications suitable for the most common needs of Italian companies.

    The Solution is further customizable by the Customer, after training (1 hour included in the price of the FAST version)

    With the EVOLUTION version-which includes a Custom Pack of Customizations-further customizations will be implemented by us, based on the Client's Requirements. 

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    Application Components of the Solution:

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho Campaign

    Zoho SalesIQ

    Zoho Forms

    Solution Available in 2 Versions:


    Ready-made, but further customizable by the Client.

    1 Hour of Training on customizations included in the Price.


    With already included a package of further customizations (on Customer Requirements):

    Custom Pack 

    Functional Components of the Lead & Funnel Digital Solution.

    Campaign Manager

    What is included in the Campaign Manager of the Solution we have already customized:

    Campaign management solution built with Zoho Campaigns

    List Management

    Integrated creative tool

    Integration with CRM Contact and Lead DBs.

    Openings report

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    Leads & CRM

    What is included in the Lead & CRM Component of the Solution we have already customized:

    Integrated Lead Management in Zoho CRM

    Customer DB customized according to Italian regulations

    DB Contacts customized according to Italian regulations

    DB Lead integrated with Digital Channels: Webform and Chat

    Lead Origin Tracking: Medium, Channel and Campaign

    Notifications to Lead Generation from Webforms and Chat

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    What is included in the Funnel Component of the Solution we have already customized:

    Lead Conversion to Contacts, Customers and Opportunities

    Advancing Opportunities by Phases of the Sales Cycle

    Funnel Report for Conversion Tracking

    Graphical Dashboards for Commercial Monitoring

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    Live Chat

    What is included in the Live Chat Component of the Solution we have already customized:

    Live Chat realized with Zoho SalesIQ Application

    Setting Rules of Engagement

    Customizing Dialogue Window with Company Logo

    Integration with CRM

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    Integrated Forms

    What is included in the Form Component of the Solution we have already customized:

    Zoho Forms Dynamic and Integrated Form Generation Engine

    Application Configuration

    Integration with CRM

    Ready-made "Contact Us" form

    Form Performance Analysis Statistics

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    Compliance & GDPR

    The Solution complies with GDPR and Security Regulatory Compliance by:

    Registration Consent Privacy Policy

    Opt Out Management

    Time management parametric updating of consent data

    Mapping and Encryption Personal Data

    Access Tracking

    Login with 2FA

    Audit Log

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