Zoho: the 2021 roadmap

    08.12.2020 11:04 AM By Nextdeal Ltd.

    Recognized as the broadest provider of technology for businesses, zoho one's platform is gearing up for a year of all-around growth.

    The Zoho platform during Covid-19.

    The advent of Covid-19 has given Zoho One the opportunity to make the company's philosophy known to its entire clientele, recognizing them for the humanity shown while launching initiatives aimed at supporting them without any profit or gain.

    An example of this was the remote training sessions on the various product categories arranged by the team for customers. Through registration on the site, they were granted the opportunity not only to learn about the platform but also to sign up for Webinars organized specifically to delve into the operation of the applications within the suite.

    For customers and partners already familiar with the reality, Zoho One's platform has given an extra boost to remote work management.

    Event management software: ZOHO BACKSTAGE, has digitized the entire process of organizing and managing internal but especially external events. Backstage, is also supported by the ability to include external sponsors for the promotion of virtual events.

    Backstage, is then joined by Showtime, the software used for virtual distance learning.

    Resolutions for 2021.

    The main focus will be on strengthening existing products and building integrations both between applications within the platform and between applications outside the platform. To date, the platform enables such integrations through the open Marketplace space, which provides the ability for third-party vendors to interact with the platform. 

    Beginning next year, the ability for external application developers and vendors to build integrations within the Zoho platform will be expanded, allowing the end customer to further customize their solutions. 

    The team is, therefore, preparing to add new products to the Zoho suite as well as to boost the ability to resolve issues exposed by customers to provide a better experience for customers and users.

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