The enormous potential of the most modern CRM Solutions 

    08/30/2022 10:08 AM By Nextdeal Ltd.

    CRM, BRM or ... XRM: the enormous potential of CRM Solutions offered by modern Automation Platforms.

    The most established Automation Platforms - one for all, the most powerful and widespread in the world: Zoho, on the market for more than 20 years - offer CRM Solutions, for which the definition of CRM is absolutely reductive and almost misleading.

    In fact, these are true CRM Platforms that are completely and easily customizable, for managing any type of Company Information and Data such as Customers, Orders, Active Invoices, Suppliers, Purchases, Passive Invoices, Payments, Personnel, Work Orders, Processes, Projects, Activities, Tasks, Documents and - in general - any type of Data that needs to be managed at the company level.

    This is because such Solutions are not only born to manage Commercial DBs and Information, but they now allow any other type of Data Base to be integrated within the CRM itself, completely customizing its Data Structure and integrating it with any other DB provided in the CRM itself.

    That is why it would be more correct to talk - for these Solutions - more about BRM (Business Relationship Manager) or - even better - XRM (where "X" stands for "any kind of Information and Data").

    The Main Features of the most powerful of these Solutions are:

    - Management of the entire Solution through intuitive "Drag and Drop"graphical interfaces

    - Ability to include any type of Data Base in CRM (not just commercial ones, then)

    - Ability to fully customize the Data Structure of both native and Custom DBs

    - Ability to create Automation Flows involving multiple DBs, using No-Code Automation Tools built into the Solution

    - Ability to further customize - for high levels of Process articulation - Automation Flows, through integration with Components developed in Code

    - Native integration with Drive Cloud, to store Documents associated with the Data and Processes created (Contracts, Bids, Certifications, ISO Documents, etc.)

    - Integration with other Application Components of the same Platform (e.g. Intelligent On Line Forms, ChatBots, Help Desk Solutions, Campaign Manager, Project Managing Applications, etc.)

    - Integration, via API, with external Application components

    - GDPR Compliance and Native Security, thanks to the Certifications of which the Providers of these Solutions (such as Zoho e Freshworks e CloudOffix for example) are equipped with

    These and many other features, make CRMs provided by Providers such as Zoho and Freshworks ) true Operating Systems for Information and Business Process Management: not just a CRM or even a BRM, but a true-and more open-ended-XRM.

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