Employee Experience and Corporate Performance: two sides of the same coin

    10/13/2022 09:40 AM By Federica

    Attracting the Employee Experience makes
    the entire organization more efficient.

    HR Cloud - CloudOffix
    The department human resources human "creates customers internal and guarantees the satisfaction" of a company and ne builds the
    future. The creation of an experience of employees focused on customer through the services for the human resources is
    more than ever crucial to get performance. The digitization of the process HR increases the productivity e improves the efficiency of the company. The solutions HR based on the cloud are among i main factors of increase of productivity of employees.
    Therefore, the improvement of the experience employees is a priority top priority. 
    Since the functions related to management of resources human are numerous, i executives corporate must use many applications different ones. These applications different not can produce a result effective. This situation creates
    processes of learning different for each team of work, over to multiply i costs.
    The needs primary of the companies seem to be the themselves, but differ greatly when it is it is about
    details. It is here that enter into game the capabilities of customize platforms and their structure making it
    The companies with a greater experience of employees have optimized processes HR such as recruitment, the
    management of vacations, the evaluation a 360 degrees, the management of expenses, the management of performance, etc.
    At example, they can publish the positions open positions on their website web e get i best talents.
    They prefer work with software of easy use which consists in platforms low-code.
    They have a strong culture company of innovation which feeds the creativity, the productivity e the performance
    The optimization of the experience of employees è very similar tothe experience of customers. Just as the CX is
    used for purposes of marketing, the UX of employees are the customers internal.
    The environment of work simplified avoids the activities repetitive thanks automation e reduces the complexity of
    tasks e processes. In this way i employees can perform the their work more quickly and avoid wastitedi time.

    HR CloudOffix provides a service HR seamless of continuity which offers to employees an interface 
    integrated. It is accessible both from devices desktop and mobile. The world of business is always more 
    digitized, then the professionals of human resources and the organizations must turn into 
    an experience of employees focused on the customer. 

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