Digital Transformation revolutionizes CX

    07.10.2022 03:56 PM By Federica

    Customer Experience and Digital Transformation: the allies we needed

    Recent research by Forbes found that 65 percent of customers swould be loyal to a brand if it could offer positive experiences throughout the entire customer journey.
    Creating a great user experience requires monitoring the entire customer journey: from the moment the lead expresses interest to post-sales support. Often such monitoring involves multiple applications with each other that are not properly integrated causing information to be lost between stages.
    What is the role of digitalization in CX?
    Transforming business CX means being able to face the challenges involved but also being able to embrace the benefits. 
    Thanks to Digitization, we are seeing an important evolution: we are no longer talking about vertical application but platform.
    Building a platform, properly integrated with the most widely used tools in the market, makes it possible to obviate the recurring scattering of data and thus obtain a complete funnel analysis.

    And it is precisely because of the tool that it is possible to turn feedback into insights in just a few steps:

    1. Collect data by creating smart surveys with predefined templates  

    2. Distribute the Created Surveys through the multiple channels already integrated into the platform

    3. Create automated workflows in order to guide the user through the customer journey

    4. Analyze the data collected during the various phases using a single inclusive dashboard

    6. Integrate all apps in the process 

    Learn more about the Multichannel CX Platform: SurveySparrow

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