Google Analytics and the GDPR: How to Avoid the Risk of Penalties

    08/30/2022 10:08 AM By Nextdeal Ltd.

    Google Analytics and GDPR: Solutions and Services to Avoid Sanctions from the Privacy Guarantor

    In the June 23, 2022 order of the Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, following the investigation carried out, it was found that website operators (data controllers) using Google Analytics, transfer personal data to the U.S. D'America unlawfully, contrary to the provisions of Chapter V of EU Regulation 2016/679 and EDPB Recommendations No. 1/2020 of June 18, 2021. Of course, it is not Google Analytics itself, which is unlawful, but the transfer of data to the U.S., The Garante has, in fact, pointed out, in particular, the possibility for U.S. government authorities and intelligence agencies to access the transferred personal data without the due safeguards provided by the GDPR.

    But what are the alternatives to Google Analytics today?

    There are several Solutions on the market, andwe do not want to dwell here on the goodness of one or the other Solution from a technical point of view.
    For the purposes of GDPR Compliance however, what needs to be assessed of each of them, in addition to the appropriate security measures and tools for GDPR compliance, is that no data transfers outside the European Economic Area take place without the minimum recommendations dictated by the EDPB having been applied, even better, of course, if the data are processed within the EU.

    For our part, to protect our Clients we propose both a Solution that meets the above requirement - Zoho PageSense, whose data is processed entirely in Data Centers within the EU - and a Compliance Analysis Service of any other Solutions adopted by the Customer - carried out by Data Protection experts certified at TUV Italy and experts in the field of Cyber Security in compliance with the main ISO standards (27001 - 27701)

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